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Fall is a wonderful time to introduce layers into your wardrobe. Not only does layering keep you warm as you transition from indoors to out, it also gets you further use out of some of you spring and summer items.

1. Start Light

This can be a sleeveless top, lighter fabric top, or even a lightweight dress. You may also want to start with a camisole as your first, base layer. Depending on how you layer on top, keep in mind that your first layer may not be seen.

2. Add Warmth

Next you'll add a warm piece that can easily be removed once indoors, such as a sweater, wrap, or cardigan. If you're in a warmer climate, but still want layering pieces, look to kimono style wraps. These are usually lightweight, but create the same layered effect as a heavier cardigan.

3. Bottoms Up

If you're wearing a dress, consider adding opaque tights or leggings to give it a more autumn look. A skirt and leggings also make for great layers. However, you're perfect jeans also offset those delicious tops.


4. Add Jewelry

Before you cover up with a coat or jacket, make sure you're set for your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

5. Don't forget the shoes

The right boots can also be considered a layering piece, over leggings or jeans, or even under a skirt. 

6. Add Outerwear

Depending on the weather, two layers may be enough. However, as we transition into colder temps, you may need a coat or jacket over your sweater. In addition to your jacked, consider a statement scarf.


What are your favorite layering pieces? 


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